Fine Art Perchament papíry

Lomond presents a brand new paper – Laser Parchment. Available in 5 colors: yellow, sand, silver, blue and white, it is cut into A4 format and packed 100 sheets in a box. Parchment is a double sided matt paper with a special texture. It can be used for various design works. This paper has an extremely good toner adhesion.

The texture is perfect for printing “aged” images. Different types, patterns, graphics, frescos are looking effective also. The paper is looking like a parchment, allowing to create the look of old books, letters, scrolls. Recommended for printing of gift cards, brochures, menus, business cards, art photos, interior decorations fro office and home. It can be used for painting reproduction in museums and art galleries. The paper is suitable for drawing with inks. Lomond Parchment has a very high durability level, its aging period is up to 100 years.

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